Bridgeton Township Sportsman's Association

In coordination with Zaveta Custom Homes and Diversified Rack & Shelving, BTSA is operating a collection point for materiel support to Ukrainian Refugees and citizens stuck in occupied or contested Ukrainian cities.

Operations will occur every Saturday from 2 to 7 pm until the need no longer exists or until donations dry up from our donors at our club house at 1243 Lonely Cottage Road, Upper Black Eddy, PA 18972. Call us at 610-982-9022

We cannot accept liquids, heavy canned or bottled items, or explosives as these violate FAA rules.

We are collecting new or clean, fully serviceable items listed below.  Please bring them boxed and labeled with their contents and quantities to aid effective transport and distribution in Poland, Romania, Moldova and Ukraine.

Mens, Woman’s and Children Clothes                     Baby Needs

            Underwear, socks, shirts, pants                                Baby Food in pouches

            Hats, gloves, rain gear, ponchos,                              Dry Baby Food, or pouches

            boots and shoes                                                         Baby Bottles (plastic)

                                                                                                Baby Formula

                                                                                                Baby Wipes, Diapers (All sizes)

Nutrition Needs                                                         Medical Supplies

            Protein bars, packages snacks                                  First Aid Kits

            Powdered Milk                                                                OTC meds, Aspirin, Ibuprofen

            Powdered/ Dry Food: Ramen Noodles,                    Neosporin, Bacitracitin

                        Kraft Mac and Cheese (add water)               Roll Gauze, Adhesive Tape, Sissors

                        Rice, Tuna / chicken in pouches                   Baby or Children’s Medications

                        Lipton dry soups                                            Steri-Pads, Bandages, Band-aids

                        Pancake mix (add water only)                      Triangular Bandages

            Long term storage survival rations                           Surgical gloves/gowns

General Support                                                                    Antiseptic bar Soap

            Sleeping Bags                                                             Medical tourniquet

            Blankets and Towels                                                  Kwick-Klot (Coagulant)

            Sleeping Mats                                                            Toothpaste and brushes

            Plastic Sheeting                                                          Foot Powder

                                                Combat Boots       

Bring new items in the original packaging, all other items labeled in boxes with content and quantity. I look forward to meeting you!  Major (Ret) Terry Kuntz

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