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The familiar look, feel and function of the legendary 1911 pistol designed over 100 years ago are alive in this new offering from Rock Island Armory. For those who are followers or even “fans” of this beloved design, simply holding one brings a smile to their face. For this latest incarnation, the .22TCM by Armscor, everything remains the same – until it is fired for the first time. At that single point of contact between firing pin and primer, the interest of all surrounding shooters is evident. This is not so much about a new 1911 family pistol, as it is a new cartridge with a much higher velocity that draws the attention.

The Basics The frame of the Rock Island Armory 1911 A2 is a little wider than a traditional 1911, similar in feel to the other “double stack” frames such as the .38 Super and the Para-Ordnance high capacity versions. The first time the .22TCM is handled there will be a few noticeable things for those well versed in the 1911. The first is the light return spring and the second is obvious before even handling it, the much smaller bore than standard chamberings.


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Posted on Jan - 28 - 2016

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